About Me

Andy SochorAs you can probably guess from the domain name, my name is Andy Sochor. I live in Bowling Green, KY with my wife and four kids. I preach for the Eastside church of Christ in Morgantown, KY, while also working a secular job as a graphic designer at a sign shop in Bowling Green.

Besides this website, I have a few others sites that I operate. Those are listed on the My Websites page.

In addition to writing material to be posted online, I’ve also published a few books. The most recent one is Daily Notes & Observations. I am working on a couple more of these projects. You can read more about the books I’ve published on the My Books page.

About Notes & Observations

When I launched this site in 2012, the bulk of the content for this first year revolved around a daily Bible reading schedule. As I read through the Bible, I wrote down brief notes & observations that stood out to me in the text. I added a new post for each day until I finished the year. It was an intense and challenging commitment, but it was a huge help to me and my study and writing. I hope it may have been helpful to others as well.

Since that first year, I’ve scaled back my posting schedule and have been posting multi-part studies on this site (as opposed to single, stand-alone articles that I post on my Plain Bible Teaching website). In 2013 I posted three such studies: Proverbs Study, Making Wise Investments, and Take Courage. Periodically, I also posted several articles about lessons from the study of Restoration History. To read about what I have planned for 2014, click here.

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